Not so long ago, I needed a find a way to record some video and make it look like it had been shot thirty to forty years ago. I figured I would either have to try and find an old camera and film or I’d have to pay money for a professional to do it for me which I was a little loathed to do as it was for a home project. Well, it turns out that 8mm Vintage Camera, an iPhone app created by Nexvio Inc. was just the app I needed.

8mm Vintage Camera is an easy to use video recorder for iOS devices that through a variety of filters and lens, enables you to recreate video effects of the past. Do you want to shoot something that looks like one of those Victorian films where they all move just that little too fast, or maybe a seventies video, complete with slight over-exposure and orange sun-tint, well you can with 8mm.

There are a number of film formats to choose from such as 60’s, 70’s, 20’s, and Noir and they all have a unique look and feel. Each film type automatically adds all the crackles, marks, blurs and light-spots that you would associate with film recordings of that time.
You can also add lenses to your chosen film type to add further effects to the recording. You can blur the edges of the recording, or show the edge of the film reel. There is even a setting to shoot your video at 18fps, to give your videos that sped up look of early Victorian film.
To create your video, simply select your video format, and any lens you want and push the record button. You can even ‘jitter the frame’ to get that frame-skipping look.
There’s an information screen that tells you everything you need to know about the app, but it’s so easy to use you can pick it up and create authentic-looking old video within minutes.



You can get your hands on 8mm Vintage Camera for £1,49 (at the time of writing this post 17 March 2015) from the Apple store and the results more than speak for themselves. So if you want a period feel to your videography give this app a try.