I’ve owned my iPhone 4S for around two years now and despite taking hours of video, I’ve never really looked at whether there was a better app available that could replace my iPhone camera.

I looked around on the internet for the best video iOS apps and there was one app that was mentioned over and over again… FiLMiC Pro.

The description in iTunes for FiLMiC Pro is…

“FiLMiC Pro turns your mobile device into a broadcast worthy HD video camera. FiLMiC Pro gives you a real time, 4x zoom and full control over, focus and exposure, white balance and frame rates including a host of motion fx. Additionally, FiLMiC Pro has a ton of professional tools such as audio meters, and aspect ratio overlays. This app has everything you need to create your own Hollywood movie, documentary, iPhone news story, music video, or travelogue.”

…and it’s bursting with all of these features…

  • Real time, 4x Zoom
  • 30 variable capture/output frame rates
  • 3 Separate shooting modes
  • 4 selectable resolutions including 2 iFrame modes
  • Audio metering and monitoring
  • Stereo recording support
  • Event mode: with record/pause/record feature
  • Customizable saved settings
  • Aspect ratio overlays (2.35:1, 4:3, 16:9)
  • Thirds guide for dynamic composition
  • iTunes File Sharing
  • 6 different upload destinations
  • 4 variable bitrate options per resolution

Honestly, I was a little dubious at first. The list of features, plus the fact that there were so many positive reviews from professional videographers, had me wondering whether this app would be too advanced for a novice like me. Would I be left confused and bored, like those old flight simulator games that would always need a three-inch thick manual, and 15-20 key presses to lift the planes landing gear? Well, I didn’t want that. I wanted something easy to pick up and use that would give my video’s a professional look to them.

I needn’t have worried about its complexity. Despite all of the professional features included within the app, it is very easy to get to grips with and the internet is full of guides and walkthroughs to help you with anything else. The FiLMiC pro guys and gals have created tutorials that showcase some of the features of the app, like the one below which explains the resolutions, for example.

I also found this video very helpful. Not only does it give you a run-through of FiLMiC Pro’s features, but also some nice hints about iPhotography and a comparison between all the iOS device cameras.

I’m not a professional photographer, and in the past I have been happy with just pressing the record button and swinging the camera around. But now I have seen the difference between a video taken with the standard iPhone camera and one that had been taken with FiLMiC Pro, I’m going to take a lot more care with the video’s I take from now on. This app really does make a lot of difference.

Unbelievably you can have all of this for just few quid. Which ok, is quite a high price as far as mobile phone apps go, but if you compare that to the price of a digital video camera that would give you the same features, it’s a drop in the ocean.

If you’re looking for an iOS video camera alternative with the capabilities of a high-spec camera that you don’t need to be a professional to use, then you won’t be disappointed with FiLMiC pro.

FiLMiC Pro is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. To find out more information visit the FiLMiC Pro website at http://filmicpro.com/ or download the app from here.