The Power of the Video Testimonial: Boosting Business Conversions in a Competitive Market

The way in which brands market themselves and their core products is continuing to evolve, thanks primarily to considerable advancements in social media and audio visual technology. These mediums have gained in popularity in recent times, as they offer an interactive consumer experience and allow businesses to build improve their conversion rates through engagement.

Optimising conversion rates is the primary goal of any marketing campaign, and the use of video has proved particularly successful in helping firms to achieve this. According a recent survey of Treepodia, video marketing is one of the few strategies that works well across all industries, with statistics showing that sales conversion rates increased among consumers who watched promotional videos prior to purchasing electronics, jewelry, home furnishings and gift items in testimonials

Video Testimonials: How to Make Them Work for you

On a similar note, video testimonials also offer brands a unique opportunity to engage consumers and promote their products or services. As consumer awareness has grown during the last decade, businesses have been forced to change their approach to winning custom and earning the trust of their potential clients. Video testimonials are ideally suited to this purpose, as they allow existing customers to interact with prospective clients while offering a genuine endorsement of the brand. To create purposeful and effective video testimonials, consider the following ideas:-

1. The Empowerment of Customers

 Customers represent a key business resource, and video testimonials provide the ideal opportunity to leverage this. So in addition to providing a non-aggressive marketing technique, the use of video testimonials also empowers your existing customers as respected and valued business components. This helps to cultivate a culture of trust within your firm, which in turn creates a welcoming environment for potential clients and sales prospects. With this in mind, video testimonials are most effective when they are used throughout your firm and as part of a long term marketing strategy.

2. Encourage Honest and Natural Testimonials

 In order to help establish this environment, it is important that the testimonials in question are honest and uncontrived. Anything that sounds like shameless self-promotion or scripted text is likely to deter potential customers, who are increasingly focused on the quality of engagement that they have with their favourite brands and service providers. If you are you to use video testimonials as a way of optimising sales conversions, the messages need to be natural, authentic and related to the individual experience of each consumer. To achieve this, make sure that the testimonial text is written and created by the customer themselves, and offer only minimal editing where it is required.

3.  Incentivise your Customers to Participate:

While understanding why and how to create effective video testimonials is one thing, however, empowering customers to participate is quite another. Whether they are uncomfortable with the idea of being on camera or simply too preoccupied with the intricacies of their business, you may need to consider being proactive in soliciting and incentivizing their participation. As a starting point, consider approaching customers immediately after they purchase a product or service. In addition to this, be sure to create a range of potential incentives that suit your consumer base and their needs.

qualityThe Last Word

As the use of audio visual marketing techniques continues to gain in popularity, video testimonials are emerging as an extremely purposeful and cost effective way of marketing a specific brand or service. The key to success lies in the execution, and the ability of businesses to empower consumers and encourage them to deliver an honest narrative that encompasses their experience. If done correctly, it can boost your customer base and increase sales conversions significantly. Quality is of utmost importance so if you do not have any experience it might be worth giving the work to a professional video production company.


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