Make your business an instant hit with video trailers

It was announced over the weekend that Batman and Superman will be battling each other on the big screen in the next instalment of Man of Steel. Although the film itself isn’t due for release until 2015, we can all expect to see teaser trailers much sooner.

Trailers have been a part of the film industry almost since its inception, but what about business? Generating advance public awareness of a new product, service or event is becoming an increasingly important part of marketing planning, and for good reason.

The growth of social media has brought with it a revolution in the way mass audiences can be engaged, and at very little cost. It is the perfect partner for video and is the reason businesses are jumping on the viral video bandwagon in order to raise awareness of their company and brand.

But how do you make your business video trailer a hit? The first thing to bear in mind is its length – be careful. Too long, and it will turn people off. Quite often, just ten or fifteen seconds will be enough to illicit a positive response from the audience. With services such as Vine and Instagram offering short burst of video via their mobile apps, it is easier to create and share such short, engaging footage than ever before.

Such videos can also be used as part of a bigger project, just as they are in Hollywood. If you’re releasing a new service, a short, fifteen second behind-the-scenes film will generate initial interest, with a longer, full version appearing later on detailing the launch of the service.

Video trailers, when produced correctly, are much more likely to stick in the minds of those who view them compared to posted leaflets or email newsletters. When published via social media services, they are also easily shareable and your audience will do just that if you engage them quickly enough. What’s more, you can afford to experiment; it doesn’t matter if your trailer is a little rough around the edges; remember, you are purely aiming to introduce an element of intrigue at that stage.

One word of warning, though – remember to remove the video trailer once it is no longer relevant. Not doing so could result in users continuing to click it, which can damage both your reputation and search engine optimisation (SEO) effort.