Have you ever harked back to the eighties? You know, those good old days of spandex, big hair, and Cabbage Patch Dolls. Do you remember video tape recording? The days where life and video quality were simple. A time where CDs, DVDs, HD and Blu-rays hadn’t even been thought of? Do you want to recapture these days by creating films that look like they’ve been shot on an old camcorder but don’t want to get your old camcorder from the attic and trawl through the instruction manual?

What? Of course you do. Well luckily there’s an app that can do all of that, meaning that everyone can create the perfect Rick Astley fan video of their dreams, using the speedy, efficient, touch-screen technology of today.

VHS Camcorder gives you the power to create authentic looking camcorder movies, and unlike a lot of other technology of the eighties and nineties, it’s simple to use and doesn’t require a hernia-prevention belt in order to pick it up.

Creating a video-style movie is as simple as pointing at what you want to record and pushing the record button. If you want to increase the disturbance of the image just like those ‘recorded-on-oh-so-many-times’ video tapes you would have owned if you’re old enough to remember this, simply  swipe the screen up and down.

If you’re not satisfied with the default recording options, click on the menu button. On this screen you can set up your recording to include a date/time stamp, you can even add a fake date and time to add that level of authenticity. You can also change the framerate and screen resolution, if you wish.

Now that you have your Camcorder masterpiece you don’t want to keep it all to yourself, you want to share it with the world so everyone can see it. Well, the app has this covered as well, with lots of options to share it to.  You can upload your video to Facebook, Tumblr, your own Cloud Photos, or simply send it by email to all of your nearest and dearest.

VHS Camcorder is available from the Apple Store for just under £3, and although it’s unlikely that you’ll create the next ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ on it, but as a fun little app that might just fit that niche, the next time you have an eighties themes party, it’s really not a bad app at all.

VHS Camcorder is available from the Apple Store here.